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Joanie Winberg, The Speaker

As a speaker/trainer, Joanie Winberg creates a fun-filled experience that provides a lifelong impact! Her guidance and insights enhance productivity, performance and unity.

Put Joanie's business-savvy expertise to work for you. When it comes to business success, Joanie has "been there and done that." An entrepreneur since the age of twenty five, Joanie owned and operated a successful True Value hardware store for 18 years. While running her own retail business, she also acted as a regional speaker to assist and motivate other store owners on the "how to" of growing their businesses.

You'll love how she playfully engages your team members or organization with her interactive exercises, techniques, and easy concepts that can be implemented into your business, your life... immediately!

Joanie's inspirational, interactive and educational presentations are available as keynote speeches, and half-day/full day workshops.

Workshop Topics and Keynotes
  • The Fastest Way to Grow Your Team: People Skills 
  • Team-Oriented Problem Solving
  • How to Communicate Without Saying a Word
  • Team Leadership and Team Dynamics
  • Stress Management
  • When Work and Life Collide- Personal and Professional Health
  • Teachers- Clear Communications- Knowing What to Say & How to Say It
  • Parents- Finally a Way to Understand Your Children/Teenagers


Rave Reviews

"Some people know how to diagnose a situation fairly quickly, but do not know what to do about it once they find out. Other people are not so good at actually diagnosing a situation, but they are good at helping out once it has been correctly diagnosed, Well, Joanie Winberg knows how to correctly diagnose a situation then provide real answers, real solutions, and real help. What a great winning combination."
Dr. Robert A. Rohm, President, Personality Insights, Inc.

Easily inspires others "When listening to Joanie speak, her enthusiasm and passion for life is palpable. She easily inspires others to want more out of life, and then effectively leads them on a journey of self-awareness and action."
Susan Mello Souza, Author of "The Same Smile."

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